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Holiday Shopping Idea

It’s that time of year again, and a lot of us will be spending a lot of money doing on-line shopping.  Heck, to avoid the crowds, the noise, and the lines, having to wait a couple of days to get your turnip twaddler is not that big a deal.  I do a lot of my shopping at Amazon.  It’s the Sears Roebuck of the new millennium.  Where else can I order a book, accessories for my AR-15, and an ugly sweater, and have it shipped to my door?

If you’re going to shop at Amazon, there’s a way you can do more than buy a gift wrapped marmoset deboner at 3 AM in your pajamas.  Amazon has come up with a program called “Smile“.  Basically, if you got to smile.amazon.com, then set up a charity to receive your donation, a portion of your purchase will go to that charity.  Your prices don’t go up, so the cost to you is the few minutes it takes to select a charity and then all you have to do is remember to go to smile.amazon.com when you start shopping.

So, pick a charity, do your shopping, and do some good.

Note:  My only affiliation with Amazon is to publish my books through them.  I was not asked to write this article, nor was I compensated in any way for doing it.

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