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Reviews of Tales have started coming in.  Brigid, Peter, and OldNFO have all blogged about the book, and I’ve gotten some great reviews at Amazon.

If you’ve read the book, please do me a favor and leave a few comments on the Amazon page.  Word of mouth and reviews are pretty much all of my marketing, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

The printed version of the book should be available on Amazon in the next couple of days, if you prefer dead tree.

Thanks to everyone who has read it.  Please let me know what you think, good or bad.


  1. brigid223

     /  November 15, 2014

    I read it through in one sitting. It’s delightful. You might wish to check out Book Daily. It has free to low monthly cost ways for their readers to read a sample chapter on their site. I put TBOB up there and 4900 have read a sample chapter. You’ve got a real winner here Tom!

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