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Thoughts on the Day

  • It is a rather foolish thing to talk to your daughter about doing foolish things and then fall out of a tree while clearing away dead wood.
    • No worries.  I caught myself with my sternum and my knee.
  • Wives get really inquisitive when you walk around holding your chest.
    • Seriously, honey, it’s just a bruise.
  • It is amazing how much mirth my loving wife can find in my method of injury.
  • My youngest son has been walking around, speaking with an upper class British accent for two days.  I’m not sure if it’s cute or annoying.
  • There are few things better than leftovers from a cookout.
  • Apparently Google Earth drove down my street today.  Now, everyone on the planet will know that I need to mow my lawn.


  1. Frank the Wanderer

     /  September 4, 2014

    Mow your lawn, and your place will be disguised from Google Earth…


  2. So… we should come visit, and teach Boo to speak with a British Colonial accent instead?


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