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Thoughts on the Day

  • I came to a decision this morning.  You see, we have been having fresh milk and cream delivered to the house.  It’s part of Irish Woman’s “eat local, eat organic, eat healthier” effort, and since I like the convenience, it’s been worth the extra expense.  Plus, how many kids nowadays can say they have a milkman?  Anyway, this morning, not for the first time, Boo turned his nose up at a glass of milk because it’s not fresh from the cow, still smelling of clover.  Mind you, it wasn’t sour or chunky or anything, it was just coming to the end of its lifespan.  Irish Woman tasted it, got an Oscar for her performance in “Oh my god, you fed the baby sour milk!”, and opened a new half-gallon of milk.
    • Now, I know sour milk.  I have the child protective services file in Minot, North Dakota to prove that I know what spoiled food looks, smells, and tastes like.  This milk was not sour.
    • That is when I decided that I am going to invest in a yak, and make milking her one of the children’s daily chores.
    • Soon, you will hear me yelling “Get out there and pull on that yak!”.
  • In related news, a trip up to the local nursery to buy farm-fresh eggs yesterday resulted in the discovery that Crash will follow his humans up the street if given the opportunity.  This was discovered as Girlie Bear and Boo were about to go into what counts as a business area in our little neighborhood.  This prompted a trip back home with the feline cuddled in Girlie Bear’s arms like the little foundling that he is.
    • Crash was not available for comment, as he had again escaped outside and was probably plotting mischief of some sort.
  • Irish Woman and I went out on a date last night.  For once, we spent an evening having dinner and talking, and conversation did not revolve around guns, the children, or work.  I know, the world must be coming to an end.
  • That moment after you move your car at the gas station, but before your lovely wife comes out of the stop-n-rob with the sodas, is delicious.
  • Note to self – shut off the HVAC fan before replacing the filter next to it.
  • Note to self – a HVAC filter, wrapped around the axle of the HVAC fan, makes one hell of a racket.
  • That moment after you have removed the HVAC filter from the HVAC fan, then have your wife turn the HVAC fan back on, but the HVAC fan does not restart, is less than delicious.
    • Luckily, it was just the breaker.
  • Look, lumber yard, I just want to build a 6 foot by 4 foot by 6 foot tree house for my son, not build a luxury wilderness condo out of rare Brazilian black cherry.
    • Ye gods and little fishes, have you all see the cost of pressure treated wood lately?


  1. I just bought 44 pressure treated 2×2’s the other day and spent about 220 bucks. So yeah.

    Also, I hear that yaks are very docile and easy to take care of.

    Not that I would want to have to milk a yak twice a day every day. The chickens are enough.


  2. Steve

     /  July 20, 2014

    I thought sour milk was yogurt?


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