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  • It is not good for your concentration while shooting a practical pistol shoot to get a text that reads “No rush, but when you get home we need to take Boo to the emergency room.”
    • He’s OK.  Apparently he fell at school on Thursday and smacked his shoulder.  On Saturday he was having muscle spasms in his neck.  This caused him to have a headache and not want to turn his head.  A thorough exam by the doctor, followed by a dose of ibuprofen, made him feel much better.
  • Remember that issue I had with the 1911 magazine last month in which it would fall out the bottom of the gun during a shooting stage?  Yeah, that happened again on Saturday.  Twice.
    • After considering what I was doing, looking at some books, and going back out to the range today to reshoot the stages, I believe I’ve found my issue.
    • It would appear that rather than putting my right thumb on the safety lever, I’m tucking it under my non-firing hand.  When I try to take a firm one-handed grip on the pistol, my thumb is coming up and forward a bit, and pushing in on the magazine release.  That would explain why the problem tends to happen when I’m racking the slide.
    • Yeah, my hands are a tad on the big side.  I’m using Hogue grips already, and I can almost wrap my fingers around the trigger guard.
    • I spent quite a bit of time practicing correct grip, including going to it when drawing from the holster.  I’ll continue working on it over the next month, including malfunction drills, and see how I do at the April shoot.
  • The mud at the range was about 6 inches deep and soupy on Saturday.  Today, it was, for the most part, the consistency of modeling clay.  I still wore my old boots.
  • You would think it would be easy to find bright red dud cartridges against gray-brown mud, but I still managed to lose two of them today.
  • Today was the first time I’ve shot an AR-15 with a reflex sight in a situation where I could switch back and forth between targets.  It was a lot of fun and a new challenge.
  • Today was also the first time I’ve shot my Mossberg 590A1.  A box each of buckshot and slugs put a wonderful ache into my right shoulder and a grin on my face.
  • Saturday night I saw a customized Benelli shotgun get auctioned off for $2800, which is a new experience for me.
    • It probably would have stopped at around $2000, but the winner had his young grandson on his lap, and he let the kid keep upping the bid.  Where do I get grandparents like that?
  • I saw a new game at the Ducks Unlimited banquet:  Duck Bingo.  $20 gets you a number, which corresponds to a cell in a grid.  The grid is the floor of a chicken wire cage.  Once all of the tickets are sold, a duck is put into the cage, and the number of the cell where the duck poops wins.  Prizes were a beautiful Howa .308 and a hunting print.
    • Yes, I bought a ticket.  No, I did not win.
  • To the jackass who was too busy texting to notice all the cars around him were gone, I hope you were at least embarrassed when the nice policeman asked you to identify your major malfunction.
    • I also hope he has to go to a gastroenterologist to retrieve his phone.


  1. So YOU’RE the guy Hogue used as a model!

  2. Six

     /  March 11, 2014

    Shooting some 3 Gun? It’s a blast ain’t it!

    • Not yet. This was just a pistol match. I may try three gun sometime once I can devote more time.

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