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Thoughts on the Day

  • Today I had two vastly different experiences when visiting small businesses.
    • In one business, the owner was working the counter, and as far as I could tell, my friend and I were the center of his universe.
    • In the other, I’m not sure if the yutz who waited on me was the owner or an employee, but apparently it was more important to make jokes with other people in the store than to sell me something.
    • The first guy gained a new long-term customer.  The second guy may have just lost one.
  • It’s not every day when I meet a gun store owner seems excited to meet someone from the local Friends of the NRA chapter.
    • Not only is he offering to let me put up signs and posters in his store, but he also says he’d be happy sell our raffle tickets.
  • Script drafting rhythm:
    • Hour 1 – Stare at computer screen, trying to visualize how the procedure you wrote down on a legal pad is going to look in PERL.
    • Hour 2-3 – Wrote PERL like a boss!  Oh my gosh, this is awesome!
    • Hour 3:05 – Hit the wall like a bad actor in an over-powered Porsche. Go back to staring at computer screen.
    • Hour 4 – Go get some lunch.  Think.
    • Hour 5 – Get over issue from Hour 3:05.  Make a little more progress.
    • Hour 6 – Give up for the moment.  Realize that the solution to the problem will come to me at 3:27 AM when the antagonist in my dream will taunt me with it.
  • Going to a Christmas party tonight made me realize what our home would look like if we didn’t have children.  And if we had time.  And money.
  • It’s been a long time since I had good scotch.  I must do it more often.
  • We took one of Irish Woman’s co-workers out to Claudia Sanders‘ the other night for real Kentucky cuisine.  It doesn’t get much more Kentucky than fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans with ham and onions.
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