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Thoughts on the Day

  • Crash is well on his way to making himself at home.
    • He is truly Siamese.  We had a conversation this morning about whether or not he deserved a portion of the lunch meat I was using to make Boo’s lunch.
  • If you need a brush-up on your defensive-only hand-to-hand skills, try eating a chicken-based pasta dish while balancing a laptop on your knees, all in the same room with a Siamese kitten.
  • Being on steroids means the diet either becomes much harder or gets forgotten completely.
  • One side effect of being at home and working from the living room is being able to watch the first few seasons of Doctor Who from the 1960’s and 1970’s.
    • Irish Woman is irritated that she can’t watch her syndicated crime dramas, but I won’t be here forever.
  • Irish Woman is considering getting a Ford Flex instead of another Focus. Never thought I’d see her volunteer for minivan duty.
  • Boo’s score for the week – two not so hot and two outstanding days at school.  At this point, I’ll accept .500.
  • Boo seems to enjoy his hippotherapy.  That’s basically where he bareback rides a horse that’s led at a walk around an arena while he does Pilates and free weights on its back.  It’s supposed to do a lot for kids who have issues with balance and motor skills, so here’s hoping.
    • And hey, he gets to ride a horse once a week.
  • We stopped by Starbucks on the way to take Crash to the vet this morning.  It wasn’t packed, but it certainly wasn’t deserted.  Guess the boycott didn’t work.
  • Had to disappoint the guy at Starbucks when I told him I wasn’t interested in buying their $300 coffee machine.  If I’m going to spend $300 on coffee, it better be prepared by a tall Nordic goddess with braids in her golden tresses and a dagger in her belt.
  • Crash checked out fine at the vet.  I guess it’s a good thing that our vet gives a discount for families with three or more pets.  This is starting to get expensive.
    • It occurred to me that going to the vet is probably the way that taking your kids to the doctor should be.  You pay a small fee for the service, and insurance is there to cover the big stuff.  Doctor charges only what they need to, you have an idea how expensive things really are, and Obama keeps his nose out of it.
  • Tonight I saw evidence of the breaking of the myth that women need small guns.  A lady at the 5 Counties Friends of the NRA banquet paid $1775.00 for a Thompson and a 1911.
    • And no, they weren’t pink.
  • I got to meet and spend some time with my Congressman at the banquet tonight.  Mr. Massie impressed me with his candor and his conviction in doing what’s right instead of what’s easy.  He’s definitely one to keep an eye on.
    • OK, I’ve been a fan since he wrote back to me that he collected Class III weapons a few months ago, but meeting him just reinforced what I suspected.
  • Irish Woman helped a young man propose to his sweetheart in front of 3000 people tonight at the Louisville Zoo’s brewfest.  I’m really glad that went as planned.


  1. Sounds like life is good .. that is good 🙂

  2. Sounds like things are perking along nicely!!!

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