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  • To the douchebag who was wearing the tee-shirt with a photo-realistic picture of a curvy woman in lingerie on it at the airport, stay classy.
    • I’m sure the woman in line with you, who was so old that the TSA told her she didn’t have to remove her shoes, enjoyed seeing that, as did the mother of two small children and her kids.
    • Of course, we all got a laugh when you had to take your belt off to go through the body scanner, and as you raised your hands above your head, they fell down to your knees.
    • Nice Mickey Mouse boxers, bro.
  • I enjoyed having a king sized bed to myself in the hotel, but it’s always better to sleep in your own bed.
  • If you were on the design team for the airport in Baltimore, I owe you a beer.
    • Seriously, thinking to have about 100 publicly available, cost-free electrical outlets in each of the terminal areas was a stroke of genius.
  • Irish Woman and I made apple pie preserves tonight.  They smell like a whiff of heaven, and taste just like they smell.
    • Once I’ve had a couple of years to play with the recipe and make it my own, I’ll share.
  • Boo went to zoo camp today with two of his friends from school.
    • We call them “The Three Amigos”.
    • I warned the teenager who was in charge of his group, but I don’t think she took me seriously at the time.
    • When Irish Woman picked Boo up this afternoon, it sounded like she was taking my warning seriously.
  • When I was growing up, my dream was to be a history teacher at a high school or a university.
    • Now that I’ve gotten to know quite a few teenagers and college kids, I’m sort of glad I went down another path.
  • We started buying school clothes for Boo tonight.
    • Of course, after we’d picked up three pairs of khaki pants for him to wear, we got the email that his class is only supposed to wear navy blue.
    • I know I have that receipt around here somewhere.
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  1. Yeah, don’t think you’d have liked teaching about 90% of the punks out there today, the other 10% would have been a joy though.


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