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Thoughts on the Day

  • I now understand why so many of the early colonies in Virginia died out within a year.
    • Do y’all set out water evaporators just to add to the experience of swimming through the air or something?
    • My hat is off to you if you lived here before the advent of affordable air conditioning.
    • Also, please don’t get me wrong.  Virginia is a beautiful place, I just hate humidity.
  • I’d like to say that my work today went smoothly and was 100% successful.
    • However, I was taught to never tell a lie.
  • I’m not staying at the fanciest or most expensive hotel in town, but I wouldn’t trade the service here for anything.
    • When I asked about a shuttle to the airport at 6:30 tomorrow morning, the clerk said that they’d call me a taxi and the hotel would pay for it.
    • I’ve never had that happen before.
  • If I were 20 years younger, I would already be out enjoying Saturday evening.  I am now, however, just going to clean up, find something to eat that I don’t have to chew too much, and crash.


  1. You hate humidity, but you live in KY?
    …yeah, I hate it too, and I want to move BACK to KY.


  2. Stay out of Louisiana… Just sayin… And there ARE a few good hotels left… Not many, but a few…


  3. I live in Kentucky out of necessity.

    Yeah, NFO, I turned into a big wuss when it comes to humidity after living in Arizona. 110 with 8 percent humidity isn’t as horrid as 85 with 90% humidity.


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