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Thoughts on the Day

  • You know, when OldNFO mentioned on the Squirrel Report that he knew a couple of people who were astronauts, I wasn’t surprised.
  • Every so often I interact with someone whose company is so enjoyable and entertaining that, for a few minutes, all of the anger and ugliness goes away.  Today, to the benefit of everyone else in my life, I interacted with a few of those people.
  • My liberal congressman’s email robot invited me to a special event in a couple of weekends.
    • I’d go, but I’d rather spend the weekend drinking beer with my wife’s family than in a holding cell after being arrested for harshing the good congressman’s calm.
  • The cherries are just about ready to harvest.
    • Not as much as we’ve had in other years, but enough to make a few treats.
  • In related news, Irish Woman is looking for ways to deal with a mockingbird who has laid claim to our crop.
    • Unfortunately, it’s a protected species here, so I’m considering other alternatives.
  • I have absolutely no plans between now and when I go to work on Sunday afternoon, and that’s a wonderful feeling.
  • Is it a bad thing that I looked at the pictures of a criminal in the town where someone I know lives and felt relief that it wasn’t them?
  • Irish Woman and I have been playing the game “Whose Family Drama Was More Insane?”.  At the moment, she’s winning, but only by a broken nose.


  1. jon spencer

     /  June 8, 2013

    Air bazooka for the bird?
    Under $20 at amazon.


  2. Yep, went through flight training with Wendy Lawrence (helo pilot) and Kay Hire (P-3 NFO). Kay is now a reserve Navy Captain out of DC when she’s not flying. Actually Kay is now working with Space-X as an astronaut adviser for NASA on the Space-X manned capsule.


  3. LOL, last time I tried to write something for publication, it got classified… sigh


  4. Corey

     /  June 8, 2013

    Kill the bird feed it to the cat and forget about it.


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