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Thoughts for the Day

  • Is it a bad thing when part of the 220 volt electrical outlet to the dryer falls to the floor when I open it?
    • The breaker for the dryer keeps tripping about five minutes after we turn it on.
    • The part that fell out was half of one of the metal parts that comes in contact with the prongs from the dryer.  My guess is that it was in just enough contact to allow a connection, but would cause a short and trip the breaker once resistance heated it up a bit.
  • Why no, I didn’t take the old receptacle and its faceplate to the hardware store when I went to buy a replacement.  Why should I do that?
    • I’ll be going back tomorrow, with both the old receptacle and the ‘new’ one in order to buy the ‘correct’ one.
  • I actually have a spare receptacle around here somewhere.  Darned if I know where it is.
    • Hey, it’s only money and time.  It’s not like I don’t have an abundance of both.
  • The paperwork for sending Girlie Bear to JROTC summer camp is thicker than my first enlistment contract.
  • Irish Woman had the manners to not wait until I was done with the new garden beds to request a ‘small’ change to the design.
    • I only have to undo a couple of hours worth of work to accommodate it, instead of a couple of days worth.
    • She’s so considerate.
  • Got news today that one of the units training at Fort Knox had a fatality last night, along with several hurt.  If you’re of a mind, there is a family out there that could use your prayers.
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  1. Prayers sent.


  2. Prayers sent and YES you should ALWAYS take the old one with you when you go to buy a new one ..


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