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Thoughts on the Weekend

  • Of course there was a construction zone with a backup between me and the birthday cake when I went to pick it up at the last minute yesterday.  What fun is there in being sane and calm when you get to the party?
  • 15 children, about 15 adults, 15 pizzas, 60 cupcakes, 1 large birthday cake, assorted fruit, and two cases of soda and water means I have leftovers coming out of my ears.
  • We did help one father discover something healthy that his son would eat – strawberries.  Lots and lots of strawberries.
  • Hottest food at the birthday party?  Surprisingly, it was bananas.
  • Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.
    • In February, when we booked an outdoor pavilion next to the splash park, we thought it would be hot by now.
    • Instead, it was foggy, breezy, and chilly.
  • Progress on the new tiered tomato and pepper beds is coming along nicely.
    • If the weather cooperates, we should be planting the garden next weekend or the weekend after.
  • A few weeks ago, I bought a $500 gift card to my lumber yard so that we could try to stay on budget with our projects.
    • It now has $12 on it.
    • I’m pretty sure I have all the materials I need to finish the garden beds, but will need to spend more on the fence and other stuff.
  • The price of gas here has gone down about 40 cents a gallon since the Kentucky Derby.
    • Of course, if you ask the owners of the chain gas stations, that had nothing to do with it.
  • I either need to quit working in the yard so much or stop working in the yard at all.
    • I hurt in places I had forgotten I even had.
  • Man hath no love like a Siamese cat who thinks she might be getting bits of fried chicken.
  • Moonshine is officially trained.  He slipped out of his collar this morning on the way back to the dog area, and he obediently ran to the gate, sat down, and waited for Bluegrass and me to catch up.
    • Now if I can just get him to stop eating everything made out of rubber.
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  1. Well, you survived the party, so that’s a plus, right??? 🙂 And remember the rules of home improvement- Twice the $$, and twice the time… And that’s usually the LOW end!


    • No fooling. It’s going to be nice when it’s done, but the process of getting there is killing me.


  2. Yeah, that’s why I just paid the man the last time around…


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