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You Mad, Joe?

Vice-President Biden appears to be showing a bit of frustration at us plebs who refuse to get in line and support his boss when it comes to gun control.  He seems amazed that we would have the temerity to question their motivations when it comes to infringements on our civil rights, and opines that we don’t ‘need’ an AR-15 to protect ourselves or to have fun.  It appears that he’s forgotten that my ‘need’ for any legal object that I want is my desire for it.  That’s why it’s called a ‘right’.  I don’t have to demonstrate a ‘need’ to exercise my rights in order to do so.  You’d think that someone who’s sucked at the government teet for so many decades, supposedly in support of the Constitution, would know that.

Here’s a few other things someone doesn’t need:

  • One doesn’t ‘need’ government funded country retreats, wide body jets, gourmet chefs, and a staff of hundreds to be the chief executive and his head gofer/comedy relief/anti-assassination insurance, especially during a time of economic stagnation, but rank hath its privileges, huh, Mr. Biden?
  • One doesn’t ‘need’ armies of armed troops, military or not, to protect two men, their wives, and their children, for the rest of their natural lives, just because they failed their way into a temporary government job for a few years, but I don’t see you two giving that one up, do I?
  • And, yes, one doesn’t ‘need’ an Ar-15, FAL, AK clone, Saiga shotgun, M&P pistol, or an assault slingshot for protection and recreation, but if your mother had raised you right and taught you to read something more in depth than the wrapper on your bubble gum, you’d know that how I choose to enjoy my rights and protect my family are none of your damned business, now wouldn’t you?

I’m glad to know that Mr. Biden believes in the bottom of his heart that no-one is going to try to take away his shotguns, so at least there seems to be a level of gun control that even he won’t countenance.  Let’s just say that some of us paid attention in history and math class, and we can see where this downward leaning curve is taking us:

  • When my grandfather came to this country, a citizen could own pretty much any firearm he wanted to and could afford.  Heck, the best names in mail-order had entire sections devoted to shotguns, rifles, and pistols that the nice man on the Wells Fargo wagon would bring right to your doorstep.
  • When my father was born, a citizen could legally buy a gun at the hardware store, that gun could be carried just about anywhere in the country without being afoul of the law, and the government actively advocated the teaching of gun safety and marksmanship to children.
  • When I was born, a citizen could legally purchase a brand new machine gun for a few hundred dollars, my cousins drove to school with guns in the gun rack of their trucks, and the Boy Scouts taught gun safety with BB guns in the basement of my elementary school.

With each successive generation, our right to keep and bear arms has been progressively narrowed and weakened.  Reasonable compromises have been the death of our rights.  I’m tired of being reasonable.  I’m sick of compromising just a little more.  The past few generations have been perfectly willing to passively watch as their rights have dwindled, but I won’t.

Mr. Vice-President, I would oppose the measures you and your ilk are proposing if George Washington himself was to rise from the grave and propose them.  I will oppose you through my representatives in Congress and my legislature here in Kentucky.  I will oppose you in the courts through the NRA, the SAF, and other organizations who stand up to litigate away any gains you make in this push to strip me of my rights.  And I will wave the bloody shirt of gun rights in your face in 2014, 2016, and for the rest of my natural life.

You, the President, and the rest of your band of semi-accomplished twits have picked this fight.  You have made radicals out of moderates, and pushed people who were lukewarm about guns into the markets of firearms and of ideas.  You have sewn this garden of thorns, and I will weep with joy as you are whipped with them.  I don’t ‘need’ to watch your utter failure and humiliation in the Congress, the ballot box, and the courts, but it will be very sweet to do so.

1 Comment

  1. And I don’t believe he understands the depth of contempt we’re developing for him and his ilk… Nor does he understand that we will NOT go quietly into the railroad cars…

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