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News Roundup

  • From the “Par for the Course” Department – A former FBI official in Minneapolis has written to members of the U.S. Senate to complain about President Obama’s nominee to run the BATFE.  He asserts that she is capricious, inconsistent, inexperienced, and incompetent.  In other words, she’s a perfect fit for the administration.
  • From the “Whoopsie” Department – Congress seems to be awakening to issues at the BATFE after a botched sting operation in Milwaukee ended up with a ton of cost and a missing automatic rifle.  Agents set up a fake convenience store and used it as a place to buy guns and drugs.  Few arrests have been made, and the agency is probably on the hook for bills and the cost to the property owner of cleaning up after them.  In addition, when the operation was shut down, the site wasn’t sanitized properly, and information about the operation and the people who were involved in it was left behind.  Man, that’s a whole lot of messing up in one small package there.  If I wrote a story where the government set up a convenience store in a bad neighborhood, ran a bumbling sting operation, lost a bunch of money by paying too much for drugs and guns and not paying the bills, lost a machine gun, and then left behind everyone’s real identity when the shop was closed down, y’all would laugh me off the Internet.
  • From the “Cruel and Unusual” Department – The Louisville corrections department has gotten itself a new gadget – a powerful all-body scanner.  It appears to be similar to the ones that are being pulled out of airports by the TSA, but much more powerful.  Apparently, it can see into body cavities, where the ones in airports stopped at the surface of the body.  I guess this is one more reason to not be a repeat customer at the gray bar hotel.  I wonder if they’ll be informing inmates of the radiation exposure because it’s their right to know.
  • From the “Beachcomber” Department – A man in Great Britain is being offered 50,000 euros for a piece of whale vomit he found on the beach.  Ambergris, a substance coughed up by whales, is valuable for use in perfumes.  I expect to see a “Spew Hunters” reality show on the Discovery Channel anytime now.  I can see it now – guys being followed by camera crews as they walk along the beach, picking up rocks and sniffing them.  The big payoff will come when one of them actually finds a piece of ambergrys, but then he has to get it to market without being robbed or being overcome by the smell.
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  1. Old NFO

     /  February 2, 2013

    Yeah, gotta wonder if they are getting notified of the xray levels…

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