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Thoughts on the Day

  • It may have been very frustrating, but there was  also a bit of joy in telling a vendor “I did what you said would fix the problem, and it’s still happening.  What else you got?”.
    • Hint to vendors:  “Ummmm, download all the logs, copy the entire operating system into a compressed archive file, and upload all of that to our website.” is not a step in the right direction the third time I do it.
  • I need to remember to take my lunch to work.
    • It’s 20 minutes one way to my car and another 10 minutes to any restaurant, so going out for a one hour lunch break is kind of silly.
    • Microwave popcorn, cheese and peanut butter crackers, and a sports drink aren’t exactly filling and nutritious.
  • Irish Woman and I ‘compromised’ on her ‘vision’ for the bathroom closet.
    • Irish Woman had a ‘vision’, and we all know that when Irish women start having visions, things start crawling out of a portal to hell.
    • By ‘compromised’, I mean that I demonstrated that what she wanted done was not possible while living under the laws of physics in this universe, and she accepted that I’m a big meanie who never lets her do a project on her own and I can just do it the way I want it.
    • OK, that was unfair.  We compromised by finding a happy medium.  She agreed to be rational and admit that I am not a master craftsman, that I do not have a staff of talented people to do the job with me, and that our outbuilding is not full of exotic hardwood lumber and a wood shop.  I agreed that her basic needs needed to be met, and that I couldn’t make it look like something Soviet engineers would have built in the 1930’s.
    • I have now bent her vision to fit on graph paper with measurements and lumber.  Hopefully I’m in the ball park.
  • Preparations are feverishly underway for Girlie Bear’s dance tomorrow night.
    • Think “Keystone Cops”, but with more nail polish.
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  1. driversuz

     /  January 19, 2013

    “Keystone Cops” with more nail polish”
    This is just practice – for her wedding.

  2. Did she want ceder in the closet? Check your local Lowes, I found 1″ ceder at my local one for less than anything else on the shelf. I was happy cause it meant I didn’t have to use pine for the new flower beds….

    • No, just a cabinet that pivots on one of its corners to reveal a hidden area behind it for storing cleaning supplies and such. Cedar shelving would have been easy.

  3. “…hidden area behind it for storing cleaning supplies and such.”
    Say no more, say no more, a wink is as good as a nod to a blind ‘orse.

    Practice for the hidden gun cabinet, huh?

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