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Thoughts on the Day

  • That head cold I’ve been fighting since the day after Christmas seems to have migrated into my chest.  On a positive note, my sea lion impression is coming along wonderfully.  
  • My regular doctor was able to squeeze me in tomorrow morning.
    • The good side of that is that I will probably start feeling better sometime tomorrow night.
    • The bad side of that is that she loves to prescribe shots of steroids, which are injected with much malice and glee into my rump.
  • Recipe for surviving the night:
    • Sudafed
    • Mucinex
    • Hot lemon, honey, and bourbon toddy
    • Hot shower
    • Cough drops
    • Warm bed
  • Irish Woman has been cooped up at home for two days with a four year old boy, a fourteen year old girl, and a 4 month old black lab puppy with a tummy ache.
    • She’s working from home and the kids are still off for Christmas break.
    • I’m going to cut her loose tomorrow night so I don’t wake up to see her standing over me with an axe.
  • Girlie Bear has purchased her gown for the JROTC formal.  It’s not too modest, but not too slinky.  She’s also wearing low heels with it, and wants to get her hair and nails done for the event.
    • What happened to my tomboy?  I distinctly remember having a tomboy who would fight me when I tried to get her into a dress.
    • I’m fine.  No really, I’m fine.  My eye always twitches like this.
  • During a meeting today, I remarked that I was “all about being compassionate”.  My co-workers asked if DaddyBear was home and if they could talk to him.
  • Dear electronics manufacturers – “Up to 8 hours of use on one battery charge” means 7.5 hours, not 5
  • Our experiment in canning meat now includes ham, chicken, and barbecue pulled pork.  We’ll see how this turns out in a couple of months.
  • Apparently my salsa, japaleno dill pickles, and Thai chili dill pickles are a hit.  I’ll have to make more of them next year.
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