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30 Days of Dickens – Day 24

We are not rich in the bank, but we have always prospered and we have quite enough. I never walk out with my husband but I hear the people bless him. I never lie down at night but I know that in the course of that day he has alleviated pain and soothed some fellow creature in the time of need. Is not this to be rich? — Bleak House

My Take – I’m not going to lie and say that Irish Woman and I aren’t doing all right financially.  We both have good jobs, and our pay is good enough that we can live comfortably and still save for a rainy day.  But while we couldn’t do what we do without the money and benefits, I don’t see that as the reason we work.  I enjoy what I do for a living, and I feel that between that and the volunteer work that we both do, we’re both contributing to a society that has given us a lot.

I’m not going to insult anyone who is struggling by saying that money isn’t important, because it is.  I’m also not going to say that someone should only make what I consider “enough”, because what is “enough” for me has nothing to do what you consider “enough” for you.  But as long as you have your necessities covered and have enough that life is enjoyed, not survived, no-one will fault you for being one of the people who keeps the world moving and good to be in.

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  1. I think that is the goal ‘most’ of us strive for… And concur with your sentiments…

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