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  • To Piers Morgan, talk show host on the biggest failing news network on the planet, bite me.  Anencephalic prats like you are the reason we had so much unpleasantness in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and are also why my Irish ancestors preferred poverty in Massachusetts to middle class in Ireland.
  • To Governor Mario Cuomo of New York, who has proposed firearm confiscation, bring it.  In fact, I wish you luck.  In the unlikely event that you can get your state legislature to commit suicide, political or otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time finding National Guard and police personnel willing to carry it out.
  • To Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, I suggest hydrogen peroxide to get all that blood out of your socks now that you’ve been dancing in it for a week.
  • To Wayne LaPierre of the NRA – really?  Creation of an entire class of publicly paid “only ones” is the best you’ve got?  How about proposing something constructive and cost-free, like just allowing law-abiding adults to legally carry firearms in schools?
  • To Amazon and other on-line retailers, you rock.  You are responsible for me being able to do my Christmas shopping without having to share oxygen with my fellow man.  It’s probably better for everyone involved that way.
  • To Juan Valdez, bless you.  You and your trusty goat are responsible for me being somewhat lucid and sane this week.  Not completely lucid and sane, mind you, just somewhat.
  • To Larry Correia and Kontra – thank you.  You have put rational discussion, logic, and facts back on the table.
  • To Awelowynt – thank you for pointing me to that article by Kontra.
  • To all of you, thank you for hanging with me while I did my yuletide tradition of working the night shift for a week.  I promise I’ll be less…. disturbed after I’ve gotten some real sleep.
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  1. And thanks to you for pointing out the Kontra article. Hadn’t seen that one.

    I am pretty ill-equipped to deal with political matters, I wonder if Lapierre knew there would be a hugely bad reaction to arming teachers. Of course, he also wanted to blame movies and video games, so maybe he’s not so clever. Ohio’s Attorney General has actually suggested we allow teachers to go armed, so maybe there is hope yet.


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  3. MaddMedic

     /  December 22, 2012

    Graveyard? I spent many, many a shift there…It is not so bad..People tend to leave you alone!! Not sure why……
    Sharing air with others!! Did that last night with my Dearest as she is in a bit of a funk over our eldest boy’s attitude which I am trying to adjust and it is Christmas and she is missing her Mom. So we went and shared air…at least I got to stop at Fleet Farm after the ‘shudder’ Mall!!!


    • I don’t mind graveyard so much, it’s the flipping to it one weekend, then flipping off of it the next that’s a bit taxing. If I did it all of the time, it wouldn’t be that bad.


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