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30 Days of Dickens – Day 16

I don’t say half I mean. I can’t. I haven’t got the gift. There are talkers enough among us; I’ll be one of the doers. — Barnaby Rudge

My Take – I’ll admit, I’m a pretty skilled stand-up philosopher.  I can bloviate with the best of them.  But the time for talk, the time for the soapbox, is quickly ending.  The next few months will be a wicked fight.  I suggest that we all follow the advice of Robb, and start engaging with our legislators now, especially if they’re on the fence.  Be respectful, but be firm.

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  1. Unfortunately, right now all we have is the Soap Box and the threat of using the Ballot Box… in 2 years.

    I desperately hope that that is enough. Because if it’s not, this is something that has real potential to push us right past the Jury Box and on to the Cartridge Box, and that thought terrifies me.

    • We gotta use what we have short of the cartridge box before we reach for that one. And a lot of Senators are up for reelection this time around, and something like this will tend to get people pissed for years.

      • I certainly don’t disagree. My fear is that the .gov will come out with something draconian enough to push someone to do something stupid, and then the .gov will double down in response, and then down the spiral we go.

        My fears are probably exacerbated by the fact that, for at least a little bit, my own “line in the sand” was getting into visual range. Not close enough that crossing it was likely, but far, far closer than I ever want.

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