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Whoopty Doo

Time magazine has announced that President Obama will be its “Person of the Year” for 2012.  Here is a list of other people that august publication has designated in such a manner.

  • Charles Lindbergh – Nazi sympathizer and eugenics supporter
  • Adolf Hitler – Nazi dictator who ordered the murder of millions
  • Josef Stalin – Communist dictator who made Hitler look like Ghandi
  • Nikita Kruschev – Communist dictator who almost started a nuclear war and promised to bury us
  • Lyndon Johnson – Democrat president who brought us the Vietnam War and the modern welfare state
  • William Westmoreland – Army general who tried to defend the Fulda Gap in Southeast Asia
  • Richard Nixon – Republican president who looked at the constitution as an annoyance and resigned in disgrace
  • Jimmy Carter – Still holds the record for being the worst one term president in American history
  • Deng Xiaopeng – Chinese dictator who continued programs that led to millions of abortions and forced sterilizations
  • Ayotollah Khomeini – Theocratic dictator who created and led the government that violated our embassy and has been a state sponsor of terrorism ever since
  • Vladimir Putin – Russian quasi-dictator who has done a good job of dragging the Russian people back into the gulag

And the hits keep on coming.  Some of those people were chosen on more than one occasion.  This isn’t the first time Obama has been on that cover, and something tells me it’s not the last.

Hey, I’m just surprised that Time can afford ink.

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