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30 Days of Dickens – Day 13

When the people found that they were none the better for the blessings of the Druids, and none the worse for the curses of the Druids, but, that the sun shone and the rain fell without consulting the Druids at all, they just began to think that the Druids were mere men, and that it signified very little whether they cursed or blessed. After which, the pupils of the Druids fell greatly off in numbers, and the Druids took to other trades. — A Child’s History of England

My Take – When people realize that the all-powerful government is actually quite weak without them, they realize their own power.  Government exists for the service of the people and continues because the people choose for it to do so, not the other way around.  When the people begin to doubt the validity of their government, to believe that it has forsaken its duty to them, they will either destroy it or allow it to wither on the vine.  Alas, men yearn for leadership, so a new government, hopefully better, but usually worse, than the old one springs up, and the cycle begins anew.

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  1. Good points… sigh…

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