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Thought for the Day

Dear people on Interstate Highway this evening,

I hope y’all enjoyed your drive home this evening. Yes, the weather wasn’t great, but no one tried to kill me with stupidity tonight.

However, here’s a hint: those red, white, and blue flashing lights mean something. They mean “Get the hell out of the way!” The reason everyone was moving so slow was that there was a pretty gnarly accident ahead of you, and those nice men in the big red trucks and white vans were trying to get there BEFORE SOMEONE DIED!

Luckily, I observed all this from the sanity of a gas station and decided taking back roads would be a good idea. Hopefully everyone to home OK.


aka ‘The Ass in the Brown Truck Who Insisted on Getting Home Alive’


  1. Nothing wrong with back roads… Just sayin… Sometimes THEY are actually safer!!!

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