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An Open Letter

Dear Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock,

I, too, am shocked by the actions of Javon Belcher, in which he killed the mother of his child in front of that child and then committed suicide in front of his coach and staff.  It is a tragedy that someone as talented as he was, with such a bright future in front of him, could do such a thing.  My heart cries out for their child, the people who watched him do this, and for everyone involved.  What happened was senseless and probably avoidable, had Mr. Belcher had the sense to get help or just walk away from a bad situation long enough to get control of himself.

I just watched Mr. Costas quote and agree with Mr. Whitlock’s editorial on the matter during the half-time coverage of the Dallas/Philadelphia game tonight, and I have this to say to both of you:

Bite me.

I didn’t murder my girlfriend and then kill myself. If Javon Belcher hadn’t had a gun, he would have found another way to hurt either the mother of his child, or himself, or both.  The gun didn’t do this; it was merely the tool chosen by someone who wanted to do another harm.

The “gun culture” didn’t kill those people. Javon Belcher did. Don’t lump me in with him and everyone else who uses a gun to do evil. Would you go after our “car culture” if he’d run her down in the road? Would you have attacked our “kitchen culture” if he’d killed her with a butcher knife?  How about railing about mixed martial arts if he’d beaten her to death?  Of course you wouldn’t have, because that would be foolish, almost as foolish as blaming the gun and everyone who values their rights for the actions of Javon Belcher.

Rather than attacking me and people like me, why don’t you attack the culture of the parts of our society that look on human life as something to be traded and taken? Why don’t you run off at the mouth about men who haven’t been taught to control their passions and take out their frustrations by harming others?  Instead of treating Javon Belcher as a sad victim of circumstance, why not denounce him for what he was:  a coward who chose to orphan his child instead of working through his problems?

I am not responsible for this murder, so stop blaming the things that I hold dear for the actions of the young man who committed them.


Daddy J. Bear
Louisville, Kentucky


  1. teke175

     /  December 3, 2012

    I was about to make a post of my own but yours sums it up nicely. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Good job.

    Since Jason Whitlock can’t think of anything else to say, or maybe anything new and irritating, he resorts to vilifying gun owners. This is neither new nor exciting, but it does serve to anger a distinct segment of the population while stirring the Brady Bunch zealots to scream a heartfelt ‘Amen!’ and add a line or two to the official Brady Bunch bible.

    Given that the moonbats despise individual responsibility, especially in the case of tragedy, I would add that if Whitlock couldn’t blame the gun owners he’d find some other faction to blame, because assigning blame to a nebulous non-entity is mandatory to divesting ‘the victim’ of all personal responsibility.

    My question about this entire sorry business is: If Belcher is as close to his coach and teammates as many people claim, why didn’t he bring this calamity to them and get some help?


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