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Thoughts on the Day

  • Today I got to work with a chainsaw and a splitting mawl.  That alone made it a good day.
  • All of the odd sized pieces of firewood have been cut down to size, and that which needed it have been split.  Looks like we have about 1/4 of a cord, which means I’ll be calling my wood man for a cord.  After deer season is completely over, I’ve been invited out to a friend’s property help clear out oak and cherry trees that have fallen over in the wind.  A couple truckloads of that will round us out until at least the end of winter.
  • Irish Woman started decorating the house for Christmas today.  So begins the madness.
  • Irish Woman bought herself a bicycle today.  As you can see, no-one will be able to say they didn’t see her.


  • After procuring a velociped for the wife, I took the opportunity to check out one of my gun stores.  I looked at a lot of things, but ended up buying 200 rounds of Federal .223 FMJ.  It was running 46 cents a round, which is pretty close to what I spent at Walmart the other week.  Unfortunately, I can’t shoot out of the ammo can of Federal XM855 I got until I have time to go out to Knob Creek.  My indoor range is picky about using ammunition with a steel penetrator.
  • Pad thai for dinner is always a good idea.
    • I wasn’t paying attention to prices for .223/5.56 until a few weeks ago.  Anyone know how this stacks up to pre-election, both 2008 and 2012, prices?
  • I have a batch of cranberry bread in the oven, a double batch of snickerdoodles in the fridge for baking tomorrow, and the fixings to make brownies and pumpkin bread.  The house is going to smell good for days.
  • Thanks to a Facebook friend, I’m enjoying one of these tonight.  It’s really good, but I think next time I make them I’ll substitute the brown sugar with graham cracker or ginger snap crumbs.
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  1. Lazy Bike Commuter

     /  December 2, 2012

    You’d be amazed the bikes that people say they didn’t see coming…

    If she’s going to do any riding during non-daylight hours, I recommend a Planet Bike Superflash Turbo for the rear.



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