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Thoughts on the … What day is this exactly?

  • Worked from 6 PM to midnight on Sunday.  Went into the office for a few hours on Monday.  Worked third shift on Tuesday night.  Going to be working sort-of second shift tomorrow.   Had to consult the phone to see what day it was when I was awoken by a call today.
    • My circadian rhythm chart must look like Mambo Number 5.
  • Attended Girlie Bear’s “Winter Chorus Concert” last night.
    • I know the setting had great acoustics, but why did it have to be held in a church halfway across town, on a school night, at the peak of rush hour?
      • Do teachers really believe that students have no classes but theirs and that all adults end their work days at 2:30?
    • Why do singing instructors demand that their students learn to sing songs in languages they do not speak?  Girlie Bear’s group sang something in what I think was Portuguese.  Other groups sang in French, German, and Russian.  If they’re learning the language, I can see it.  Otherwise, they may as well just be singing weird scales. It’s not like there aren’t thousands of good songs written in English.
    • I don’t care if this is your special little snowflake’s last year in choir.  You’re in a church for the concert.  Act like it.
    • To the nice man who came to the concert in an argyle sweater, a leather duster, and a Crocodile Dundee slouch hat, complete with faux crocodile teeth in the band, I must say this:  You must be one of the nicest, richest, most talented human beings on earth to have the confidence to go out in public like that.  Cheers!
  • Falling asleep with “Blazing Saddles” playing on a loop on the laptop makes for some really… interesting dreams.
    • No, I was not Mongo, nor was I Governor William J. LaPetomaine
  • My stress level was reduced today when my beloved Irish Woman returned from the doctor’s office to announce that some rather worrisome things were in fact only annoying, not life threatening.
  • A half empty bottle of Coke Zero makes a heck of a good chew toy.  In unrelated news, I mopped the floor in the hallway just now.
    • It is good that he is cute and good natured.
    • I did, however, tell him that if he chewed a hole in my leather jacket, I’d use his tanned hide to patch it.
    • Y’all know I’m talking about the puppy, not Boo, right?
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  1. derfreiheit

     /  November 28, 2012

    Were you Lili Von Shtupp?

  2. MaddMedic

     /  November 28, 2012

    Is that middle of the week day…the one after , OMG that 1st Responder class is DONE!! and the one before…I have to teach WHO??? CPR and ACLS tomorrow!!!!

  3. I sang for scholarships all through college, and I never understood the different languages thing myself. Latin, ok, especially in religious settings. If you’re visiting another country, or a church/school that primarily speaks that language, sure, its courtesy to do a song or two in the host language. But the rest of the time? No idea. Its supposed to be enriching, but you just sing the sounds not the words when you don’t speak the language….

  4. Yeah, we knew you were talking about the puppy. The boy has opposable thumbs – there would have been worse damage control than mopping involved.

  5. auntiejl

     /  December 2, 2012

    Hubby and I both sang in a semi-professional college choir (it was how we met, actually). We frequently sang in languages we didn’t speak.

    In fact, I remember one choir tour where the professor introduced a new piece of music. We hated it when he did that; it usually meant we were expected to master it (we were an audition-only choir, after all) either that day or the next, and we’d be performing it on tour. This particular piece was a Negro spiritual, with German translation beneath the English, and involved a quartet separated out on a descant. It was really complex.

    We struggled with that piece for hours that afternoon, and finally we were all tired, grumpy, hungry, and ready to shoot the arranger. Prof. announced we’d do one last run-through and then we could break for dinner. There was a collective sigh of relief…until Prof. said, “Everybody repeat after me. Tiefes wasser…

    He’s lucky we didn’t throw our scores at him.

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