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  • I agree with Teddy Roosevelt – I hate the trend to being hyphenated Americans.  I’m not a Norwegian-American, or Irish-American, or German-American.  I’m not even a European-American.  I’m an American, who happens to be of Northern European descent.  I don’t think of some of  my friends and colleagues as being African-American.  They are Americans, most of whom have ancestors who had something absolutely horrific done to them.  I want to point out that we’ve been working toward righting that wrong for at least the past 150 years, sometimes in fits and starts, and sometimes with mixed results, but we’ve been putting in the effort and we are showing progress.  Oh, and I’m not caucasian.  I’ve met people from the Caucasus, and they don’t look like me
  • If you pay income taxes and believe that you and the rest of us who have a job and pay income taxes should pay more, here’s an idea for you:  At tax time, sit down with your accountant and figure out what your tax burden would be if the tax rates were at your desired level.  Find the difference between that number and the amount you actually paid under the current, lower rates.  Then, take that difference and donate it toward the cause of your choice.  Doing that will make sure your money is targeted toward causes you support, rather than just dumping it into the big slush fund in the sky to be doled out to the current Congressional pet project.  However, if you truly feel that the government should choose where that extra money goes, then by all means, write Uncle Sam a check and let him figure it out.  Just leave the rest of us to do have the same freedom to save, spend, or donate our income as we see fit.  Oh, and if you don’t pay income taxes, stay the hell out of the discussion.  If you don’t have a dog in this particular hunt, I don’t care to hear your ‘informed’ opinion.
  • If you break down in the left hand lane of the expressway and you can’t safely make it across 5 lanes of traffic to the right shoulder, please pull over to the left shoulder, turn on your four-way blinkers, and stay with your car.  Someone will eventually stop to help you.   Please DO NOT TRY TO RUN ACROSS 5 LANES OF TRAFFIC TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY DURING RUSH HOUR.   Thank you.  I did not wish to exercise my collision avoidance drills today, and you would have looked really silly laying on a slab with “DODGE” bruised into your chest. 
  • If you don’t like me walking through your staff meeting, don’t hold it in the hallway between me and the caffeine delivery apparatus.  Seriously, we paid a lot of money to have rooms with chairs and tables and such.  Please utilize them.
  • I hunt because they don’t sell venison at Kroger, that’s why.  Also, deer are vicious creatures that drink the blood of babies when the moon is full and we should all do everything we can to keep their numbers under control.
    • Yes, I took a playbook from the anti-gunners to make a pro-hunting argument.  Why do you ask?
  • Irish Woman was watching a TV program last night about people who make illegal whiskey in Appalachia.  This morning she had a southern twang so thick you could cut it with a knife.  It’s probably what will happen when I start watching TV shows about the people working the oil fields in North Dakota.
    • I will say that a southern accent is a lot more attractive to me than “Oh yeah, he’s a nice fella, doncha know?”.


  1. MaddMedic

     /  November 15, 2012

    Doncha know…..and what is wrong with that?
    Uffda, you people…

    • Nothing at all wrong with it, it’s just not as sexy as a southern girl purring in my ear.

    • You know, I’ve used the word uffda three times since I read this comment, and I maybe used it three times in the last three years before that. Yeah, it’s not hard to fall back into old language patterns when you’re reminded of them.

      • MaddMedic

         /  November 16, 2012

        YAH! You betcha! Yes we really do talk like that up here..just stop at some cafe, gas station and it does not matter, young or old waitress. clerk and if you listen carefully….Think Fargo, the movie…

      • Oh yeah, my accent really comes back when I watch that one.

  2. MaddMedic

     /  November 15, 2012

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:

  3. Agree with all but the last, and I’m staying the hell outta that one! 😉

  4. Can’t stand people who have meetings which block access to the caffeine delivery system … seems to happen everywhere I work 😦

  5. Well, deer are the most deadly animal in North America, and kill more people every year than all other animals combined.

    (Well, except for other humans, I should say…)

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t see any deer last night until we were driving home. Oh well, better luck this weekend!

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