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30 Days of Generals and Admirals – Day 6

When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back. Look forward to your next objective. — George Marshall

My Take – It’s been long enough.  If we haven’t figured out what went wrong by now, we deserve the next whipping we take.  It’s time to start thinking about the future.  In the next few months, the government has to find a way to pass a budget, and we have to work through our representatives to try to staunch the bleeding on that front.  In the near term, we have to find a way to blunt the blow from Obamacare and survive the economic shock of hundreds of companies laying off thousands of employees.

Next we need to look toward the mid-term elections.  Who is going to run, who is going to get supported, and who is going to get jettisoned?  What will we find important?  Will we be smart enough to keep the dolts who are running from opening their pieholes about mommy parts and the gays?  We have to work toward keeping enough of a voice in the Senate that we can head off any Supreme Court nominees that would destroy the progress of the past decade and any treaties that Obama signs that will infringe on our liberty.

And finally, we need to find a way to minimize the damage of the next four years, and find a way to recapture not only the White House, but also the Senate.  We need to start recruiting and grooming people to run not only against the Democrats, but also against those Republicans who believe that the government is a lifelong gravy train.  We have to look for people who want to serve, not to be served, who look at the American people as more than a cash cow, and who know that government is a necessary evil, not a panacea for every problem we might encounter.

We have to let go of this defeat.  We should learn from it, use it as a bad example, but not dwell upon it and poison ourselves with the bile that has been spewed in the past few days.

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