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30 Days of Abraham Lincoln – Day 28

We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. — 1864


My Take – I have to believe that those who oppose me do so because we disagree on definitions and ideas, not because one of us is evil and the other one is less so.  We both want freedom and prosperity, but we disagree on what those words mean.  I believe in freedom of speech and religion, and equality of opportunity.  They seem to believe in freedom of speech and religion also, but in other ways.  They also believe in equality, but it seems to be equality of outcome, not opportunity.  They believe that freedom means being free from fear and from want.  I believe that freedom means being free from interference in my quest to provide for myself and my own, so that we need not feel fear or want.

That’s not to say that our disagreements do not get heated and personal, for they do.  But even when I am mocking them, I try to remember that they are still human beings and fellow Americans.

There are those who do not wish for freedom for anyone other than themselves, but I don’t consider them opponents. They are beneath my contempt, and I consider them the same way I consider all parasites.  I’m sure the feeling is mutual.



  1. I’m going to be quite sorry to see the end of our 30 days of Abe.


  2. Good points as always!


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