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Thoughts on the Day

  • Apparently it would be considered a bad thing if I was to cause a wide bodied jet to tip back on its tail during loading.
  • Someone must be putting jackass pills in the water here in Louisville.  Luckily for me, I have only been drinking water that comes out of a diet cola bottle or has gone through a coffee filter.
  • Going to a pizza buffet for lunch before trying to sit though a rather dry lecture on loading airplanes properly might not have been my most intelligent decision ever.
  • Ladies, if you have the good manners to not have loud discussions about the inner workings of your body on a speaker phone, I thank you.
  • Dangerous question of the day – “Honey, did you know my company flies to Hawaii and Guam and I might be able to work on one of those flights?”
    • For those of you counting, I’m down to three lives.
  • While driving home from work tonight, a fire truck whizzed past me on the freeway, lights blazing and siren wailing.  A few minutes later I passed it on the shoulder.  It had all its hoses out, the ladder was deployed, and they were working on rolling up the hoses.  No evidence of a fire.  I have no idea what was going on, but my gut tells me it was pretty cool.
  • Apparently “I’m in a class for the next few days, but I’ll check email and voicemail when I can” isn’t a big enough hint for some people.
  • Whoever signed me up for a series of catalogs with $100 Halloween costumes for children, I will find you.
  • I’ve had early ’80’s synth pop super groups running through my head all day.  Not sure which elder god I displeased, but I’m about ready to start sacrificing bulls to make it stop.
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  1. This is why you should listen to Rock Sugar. Their pop/metal mashup makes those songs tolerable.

    Why, yes, I am an addict. Thanks.


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