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News Roundup

  • From the “Cutbacks” Department – The city of Camden, New Jersey, is planning to dissolve its police department and pass the responsibility to enforce the law to a new organization in its county police department. The object of all this is to bring down costs by breaking up the unionized police force and moving to a non-union solution. Of course, the police union is screaming about public safety. It should be noted that Camden isn’t a small town that is laying off a couple of officers in favor of patrols by the county sheriff and his deputies. Camden is a city of almost 80,000 people, with a high crime rate, and a police force of 460 officers. About half of those are expected to be incorporated into the new department of the county police. Since New Jersey is one of those states that believes that a disarmed citizenry is a happy citizenry, self-help when some hooligan and his chums decide to redistribute the wealth they find in your living room at 3 AM is a tad more difficult. This one is still developing, and I’m sure there will be much rending of hair and gnashing of teeth in the press and courts over this. I am interested in seeing if this actually happens, what happens to crime rates if it does, and if the citizens of Camden finally have enough and start taking back their rights to self-defense and self-policing.
  • From the “Only Ones” Department – The other day, a man in New York used a pistol to murder a former co-worker he blamed for his unemployment. NYPD responded, as can be expected. When the alleged assailant pointed his gun at them, they shot and killed him, as also can be expected. 16 shots were fired by two officers in the space of a few seconds. News reports are not saying how many hit the man, but 9 of them hit other people who were not the intended target. Fox is reporting that the officers were almost close enough to the man to shake his hand, which is point-blank range to me, and they still missed at least 9 times. Unless the majority of those 9 bullets that hit bystanders went through the guy they were targeting, I think NYPD needs to find a bit of money in the budget to get some of its patrolmen to the range. It’s just a matter of dumb luck that none of the injuries received from mis-directed police gunfire were fatal.
  • From the “Prudent Step” Department – The Republican national convention is being delayed for a day or two so that authorities in Florida can concentrate on the effects of Hurricane Isaac, which is expected to blow through the area in a couple of days. In related news, the Democratic convention in Charlestown is being delayed a day or two so that Vice-President Biden can blow through town and not do further damage to his party by speaking on national television.
  • From the “Child Labor” Department – A recent study of 1000 American families found that 61% give a weekly allowance to their children and that the average allowance is $65 a week month per child. Personally, I’m shocked. My personal allowance for incidentals and entertainment is less than that, and I have a job. Girlie Bear and Little Bear each get $20 a month, but they both do chores. The only extra money they get is for baby-sitting Boo, and that’s not very often. What exactly are these kids doing with $65 a week month? This just might explain Katie Perry and Justin Bieber along with the long lines of pubescent twerps ordering sugary milk drinks with a dollop of coffee in them when I’m trying to get my morning caffeine fix.


  1. Old NFO

     /  August 26, 2012

    That last one is just unbelievable! I NEVER got an allowance, I actually had to WORK for my money, even as a child…


  2. Steve

     /  August 26, 2012

    ■From the “Cutbacks” Department – The city of Camden, New Jersey, is planning to dissolve its police department and pass the responsibility to enforce the law to a new organization in its county police department.

    You can read this as a way to help break up unions and for the city to get a handle on their labor costs…….I view it as a way to consolidate police power and get the police force to centralize. Shades of Robo-Cop!!!!!



  3. Damn. I considered myself lucky if my chores added up to $4 a week when I was a kid.


  4. The survey at the link actually says $65 a MONTH, not a week. Sheesh. Still a decent payday.


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