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Thoughts on the Evening

  • Tonight I reprised my role as “Unarmed Villager Number 12”.  It’s a non-speaking part, but I think I pull it off quite nicely.
  • I really need to get the sewing machine out and make my own garb.  The stuff that’s handed out is just too small for me.  Seriously, it must look like David Banner turning into the Hulk when I’m putting on a man dress.
  • Just because you’re an unarmed villager doesn’t mean that a young American soldier won’t shoot you in the face if you surprise him in the dark.
    • Note to self – Write a nice note of self to the manufacturer of my face mask thanking them for my eyesight.
  • Not sure which is louder, grenade simulators or flashbangs.  It may be a function of proximity and how closed in the space is.
  • A couple of red laser dots on your chest is a very direct and polite way to say “Stop” and “Back away slowly with your hands up”.
  • You know what gets me moving faster than realizing that someone is shooting at me?  Realizing that someone is shooting past me and isn’t really worried about me becoming a backstop.
  • There’s a fine line between “Wow, that’s a really cool pyrotechnic effect” and “Holy crap!  The building is on fire!”.
  • Stopping at a stop-n-stab out in the middle of nowhere for gas after 11 PM is a cultural experience.
  • Example of parental love – Stopping at Superdupermegamart after midnight to pick up school supplies while covered in dirt, wax bullet residue, and smelling like a burning tire.


  1. ‘There’s a fine line between “Wow, that’s a really cool pyrotechnic effect” and “Holy crap! The building is on fire!”.’

    Uh . . . yeah. And an even more interesting line between “Holy crap! The building is on fire!” and “Holy crap! The building is on fire – and it’s full of explosives!”

    You, too, can break the Olympic and World 100 meters sprint record. All it takes is the right sort of incentive. How do I know this? Trust me. I know this.


  2. Thanks for once again doing the ‘right’ thing to help train our folks! Kudos to you Sir!


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