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Thought for the Day

Giving my daughter her first rifle of her very own was one of the best moments of the week.  She’s excited to take it to the woods this fall.


Girlie Bear’s Thompson Center Omega .50 Muzzleloader Rifle


  1. Nice! I love my Omega. Mine is a solid shooter with a 250gr T/C bonded sabot over two .50/50gr 7-7-7 pellets. My biggest piece of advice: buy a spare breech plug and stick it in the toolbox, or in the car on a hunting trip. Having one get fouled beyond use sucks. (And clean it *thoroughly* after shooting; even with the sugar-based 7-7-7 it gets corroded quickly.) Spit-patch between shots makes loading much easier.


    • Thanks. I love mine. It’s not as nice as hers, but it does really well at the ranges I shoot. Mine prefers Powerbelts and two 777 pellets. I can’t get sabots down the barrel without flexing the ramrod.

      I got her an Omega so we would have commonality in parts and such, plus she has shot mine, so I know she likes shooting it.


  2. Old NFO

     /  August 18, 2012

    Purty!!! 🙂


  3. Nice! How fun for her!


  4. FANTASTIC!!! Will we get a picture of the ‘smile’ when she first shoots it?


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