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Thoughts on the Day

  • Tally for the day – four loads of laundry, three loads of dishes, three meals cooked, four rooms picked up, vacuumed, and swept.
    • It’s Miller time.
      • Actually, it’s Sam Adams time, but that’s not as catchy
  • Hell hath no wrath like a mother of four who is trying to potty train twins while one of the two restrooms at the splash park is out-of-order.  
    • That poor guy from the parks department may need counseling after the butt chewing he got.
  • Irish Woman picked about a bushel of peaches this evening.  I see blanching, peeling, pitting, jam making, and canning in my immediate future.
  • Girlie Bear and a friend are going ice skating tomorrow.  
    • In July.  
    • In Kentucky.  
    • I don’t understand either, but it’ll get her out of the house.
  • Making breakfast for dinner was a lot more work than I thought it would be.  Delicious, but definitely not quick.
    • Applewood peppered bacon may be good enough to rival my preference for sausage.
    • Left over roasted potatoes and onions fried in bacon grease may be the food of the gods.
  • I made two quarts of apple pie out of the White Dog that Irish Woman got me for my birthday. We’ll see how it tastes in a few weeks.
  • Asking an ex-wife for a favor is not one of the more pleasant things I’ve ever had to do.
  • Goals for tomorrow – Figure out how to re-program the electronic thermostat and take a nap.

1 Comment

  1. MAY be the food of the gods?

    I vote that it definitely is.

    And now I want some.

    And I have no way to have some. *sigh*

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