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Thought for the Day

Kevin linked to and commented on an incident in Tucson where a man overcame the magical incantation surrounding a restraining order and murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Things like this make my blood boil.  I am sick and tired of reading about women who are murdered by these animals because society has convinced them that a pice of paper will stop an abusive husband or boyfriend.

So I make this pledge:

If my children survive to adulthood before I die, and Irish Woman passes away before I do, I promise to create a charity with the proceeds from my estate that will pay for people who can legally own a firearm, have a protective order out against someone, and do not have and can’t afford a gun of their own can go to a designated gun store, be given an inexpensive 9mm handgun, 200 rounds of ball ammunition, and 50 rounds of defensive ammunition.  They will also be given one hour of individual instruction on using said firearm safely and effectively, and will have their concealed carry class and permit fees covered so that they can take the gun with them when they leave the house.

In the meantime, I am making it known that any woman with a protective order in the Louisville area who can provide her own gun and ammunition can be my guest at a range and I will show them how to safely and effectively shoot it.  I’ll bring a .22 pistol to get her started and then we’ll transition to what she’s got to defend herself.  I can’t promise she’ll be able to blow the balls off a gnat at 40 paces, but I think I can get her to the point she can put a magazine of 9mm into the chest of someone across the room.

I may not be able to do much, but I will do what I can.

Update – TinCan Assassin and Six have been gracious enough to link to this and echo the sentiment.  Thanks guys!  If enough people in danger seek out people who will help them to know efficient ways to defend themselves, maybe stories like this will become rarer.

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  1. way to go!!!!


  2. Put a name to this foundation, and I'll start a branch here.

    Once I figure out how…

    Remember ladies, when you are armed, the safe house is your house.


  3. Let's take this viral. I'll make the same pledge and post it on my blog with a cross post to you. Like you I'm sick of the vulnerable being easy targets for the deranged. If we can help we should.


  4. Where do I sign up to volunteer?


  5. I'd sign up, but I doubt that Hubby's BB air rifle is up to snuff. I'll just sic the kids on 'em.

    Should I find m'self in possession of a projectile-launching weapon, thankfully I live in a rural enough area that I won't have any shortage of volunteer trainers. In fact, my church just recently hosted a wild game dinner, most of which was hunted down by members of the church. I love rural PA.


  6. Thanks Julie!

    TinCan and Herotidus – I'm just making it known within my circle of friends, and I'm considering asking my range and gun shops to put up a note on their bulletin boards.

    Six, it would be much appreciated, and I'll cross post to you as well. Thanks!

    Auntie J. – I love Beast Feasts! They're a great opportunity to come together, have a good meal, and share a bit of fellowship.


  7. I am way late to the party on this post for which I humbly apologize. I will try to get a quick link up post soon, but count me in.


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