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Movie Quotes – Day 354

Frightened? Child, you’re talking to a man who’s laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe… I was petrified. — The Wizard of Oz

There’s no shame in admitting you’re afraid.  Bad things happen, and worse things are always possible.  The shame comes from turning tail and running away, or worse, cowering.  If you’re threatened and your only response is to roll over and expose your soft underbelly, you deserve whatever happens to you.

Movie Quotes – Day 352

Gentlemen of the court, there are times that I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race and this is one such occasion. — Paths of Glory

Ethics are difficult things to have.  They demand that you stand up for what is right, not what is easy.  An ethical person will feel shame at the failings of others, because they know that things can be better.  Holding true to your personal code of conduct will expose you to ridicule and even hatred at times.  The temptation to relax your standards is strong, but the cost of doing so is your reputation and self-respect.

Movie Quotes – Day 351

Hey, I started out mopping the floor just like you guys. But now… now I’m washing lettuce. Soon I’ll be on fries; then the grill. In a year or two, I’ll make assistant manager, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in. — Coming To America

Hard work pays off.  There is never shame in honest labor.  The pay may suck, the conditions may be worse, but working hard will improve life.   You only stay at the bottom if you refuse to find a way to climb.

Movie Quotes – Day 350

I didn’t start shooting at anyone that didn’t start shooting at me first. — Magnum Force

As we take on the responsibility to protect ourselves, we must take care to not go looking for trouble.  We are not soldiers, nor are we police.  We are ordinary citizens taking care of ourselves and those close to us, no more.  We should not seek out danger, nor should we seek revenge.

Movie Quotes – Day 348

They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they? I always thought that’s what they were. — The NeverEnding Story

There are few more harrowing moments when you realize that no matter how hard you try, how strong you are, or how much you fight, those you love will suffer.  You can comfort, you can protect, you can sacrifice, but their fate is their own, and the worst sometimes happens.  The best you can hope for is to shield them from what you can, and to trust that they can do for themselves when you fail.

Movie Quotes – Day 347

This is the captain. We’re having a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then… explode. — Serenity

There is rarely a bad outcome from telling the truth.  Get the bad news out early, let folks deal with it, then enjoy the good news. Sugar coating or covering up does nothing but erode trust.

Movie Quotes – Day 346

Fozzie: Hey, why don’t you join us?
Gonzo: Where are you going?
Fozzie: We’re following our dream!
Gonzo: Really? I have a dream, too!
Fozzie: Oh?
Gonzo: But you’ll think it’s stupid.
Fozzie: No we won’t, tell us, tell us!
Gonzo: Well, I want to go to Bombay, India and become a movie star.
Fozzie: You don’t go to Bombay to become a movie star! You go where we’re going: Hollywood.
Gonzo: Sure, if you want to do it the *easy* way.

The Muppet Movie

Sometimes, life gives points for style, albeit rarely.  Doing things the hard way only makes sense if you have already proven that you can do them the easy way, or you are trying to learn how to improve your performance in the easy route.

Movie Quotes – Day 345

But… but maybe he’s only a little crazy like painters or composers or… or some of those men in Washington. — Miracle on 34th Street

Right now, the Republican-led House of Representatives is disregarding the people who put them in power and overwhelmingly voted to increase their majority in the next Congress so that they can make nice with President Obama and get home for Christmas.  The new spending bill fully funds Obamacare, the President’s end-around amnesty, and a plethora of other things that ought to be show stoppers.

Makes me wonder why we bothered to go to the polls in November.  Giving the President and his ilk a drubbing was supposed to give the opposition a back bone and boot them in the ass to stand up to them.  Once again, I’m disappointed and I really don’t know why I expected anything else.

Movie Quotes – Day 344

You see? You just can’t trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me. — Zombieland

You have to be careful when you’re deciding to drop your defenses for someone.  Once you make yourself vulnerable to someone, not only will you be unprepared for betrayal and attack, but they will also know exactly what weaknesses you have and which buttons to push.  The vetting process should be long and rigorous, but it can’t be insurmountable.

Movie Quotes – Day 343

The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end. — Gladiator

Real talent is self-evident.  It doesn’t require attention, nor does it seek the spotlight.  The more you beat your chest and proclaim your abilities, the more I suspect that you are no more than shadows and dust.

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