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I know it doesn’t count as camping if we get a cabin and sleep in beds, but I have to wonder why I’m just as tired as I would be if we slept on the ground and hiked all day. The first night we were there, I brought in the food cooler, but left the […]

New BoogeyMan Stories!

“Working Vacation“, the new BoogeyMan e-book, is live on Amazon. Here’s the blurb: Martin Shelby, called the BoogeyMan by friend and foe, returns in two new stories. In “The Devil Drinks Sweet Tea”, a young Shelby thought his Grandpa was just being grouchy about having to help out with the gardening. That is, of course, […]

BoogeyMan Is Up on Amazon!

The BoogeyMan, my first attempt at a detective story, is up on Amazon, both for sale and for Kindle Unlimited, this morning. Thanks to everyone for their pointers and suggestions. Here’s the blurb: Martin Shelby is The BoogeyMan, a private investigator and fixer for folks who get into trouble too tough and too strange for […]


While Irish Woman went to a gathering last night, Boo and I put up the tent and slept out in the front yard. It’s good that he’s still at that age when things like that are fun. When I was 18, sleeping on the bare ground was comfortable and restful. Now that I’m 46, not […]

New Book

“Lady of Eyre“, the last book in the current Minivandians story arc, went live on Amazon this morning. Here’s the blurb: From the young prince’s competition in the derby of wooden chargers to the tales of his family’s past come close calls, challenges, and triumph! When the Lady of Eyre and Daddybear make it to […]


I met Girlie Bear and her young man at a range near their university this morning.  The girl child has shot .22 rifles before, and tried my CZ-82 once or twice, but she wanted to try some other handguns now that she’s a little older. Today, we had a Glock 17, a 1911, and a […]

Escort Duty Pre-Order

My latest collection of stories, Escort Duty, is up for pre-order.  You can find snippets here, here, and here. UPDATE – Oops, found another snippet here. This collection runs a gamut of subjects.  The book begins with a short novella from the Minivandians universe.  Next are short stories that deal with action, religion, and  intrigue.  The book […]

Book Schedule

I finished the Low Earth Orbit outline of the Via Serica series today.  After taking a deep breath, I realized that I might be able to pull this off, given time and a ton of research*.  I’m going to alternate books in the series with other projects so that I have less of a chance […]


I will remember yesterday morning when Boo is 16 and wants to sleep in.  My last day off before going back to the office, and he gets up at 5:19 AM, wanting to talk to us. Going back to the office this morning was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Louisville people surprised me this […]

News Roundup

From the “Riding Dirty” Department – A man in Georgia was recently cited for distracted driving because he was eating a McDonalds cheeseburger while wending his way down the public thoroughfare.  Deputy Fife was quoted as saying “First they eat the double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, then it’s fries, then it’s a double thick Steak […]