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The War – Episode 34

December 19, 4:36 AM Louisville, Kentucky Jim leaned down and kissed Jordan on the forehead. The boy was snuggled up on the couch with both dogs and the cat, and would be asleep for another hour or so before Jeanine woke him to get ready for school. Jim turned to his wife and held her […]

The War – Episode 33

September 22, 6:17 AM Central Minneapolis, Minnesota   Jadah stood at the bus stop with her son, Marshall. She looked critically at how short the sleeves of his jacket were, and made a mental note to take him to buy a new one on payday. It was the first really chilly morning of fall, and […]

The War – Episode 32

June 17, 6:00 PM Pacific Los Angeles, California   The anchorman looked gravely at the camera in front of him, then began to read from the teleprompter. “Good evening,” he recited, “and welcome to ‘Tonight with David Anderson’.” He turned to the second camera and said, “Tonight, the country braces for the six-month anniversary of […]

The War – Episode 31

June 13, 7:07 PM Tucson, Arizona A blast of hot air hit Bob as the doors slid open in front of him and he pushed his cart out of the air-conditioned grocery store. The late evening sun was bright enough that he had to bring his hand up to shade his eyes so he could […]

The War – Episode 30

April 13, 7:03 PM Eastern Louisville, Kentucky The woman at the front of the hall wore a light blue jacket over a white button-down shirt and gray slacks. She stepped up to the podium and raised her hands to quell the noise from the group of twenty-five or thirty people sitting in front of her. […]

The War – Episode 29

March 1, 10:07 AM Mountain Phoenix, Arizona The following is an excerpt of a phone conversation recorded at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. //Sound of phone being answered.// Deputy Melvin Brooks – Deputy Brooks.  How may I help you? Voice #1 – Is this the Sheriff? (Analyst Note – Voice #1 is male, speaking fluent […]

The War – Episode 28

February 6, 10:15 AM Eastern Washington, D.C.   Director Joseph squirmed a bit in his chair, trying to hide his discomfort. He had made a short opening statement, a masterpiece of wordsmithing, which basically boiled down to “We did the best we could” and “Look at all the things we stopped.” The statements from the […]

The War – Episode 27

December 31, 11:55 PM Eastern Louisville, Kentucky   Jeanine stirred the coals with a poker, then put a large log into the fireplace. Behind her, she could hear Jim switching the television back and forth between New Year’s Eve programs. One showed one of the latest pop tarts squeaking her way through an up-tempo version […]

The War – Episode 26

December 24, 11:47 PM Eastern Washington D.C. The bishop stood up from his seat beside the altar and looked out at the congregation. The dark suits of security guards, who were standing along the walls and in front of the doors at the back of the chapel, contrasted with the red and green of the […]

The War – Episode 25

December 20, 05:17 AM Austin, Texas Tracy looked earnestly into the camera as the reporter held the microphone close to her face. “…We will stay here to safeguard their right to assemble and worship as they see fit until the uproar diminishes,” she recited as the lights from the camera and the streetlight above her […]