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Derby Rumblings

  • Kentucky Derby coverage in Louisville started just about the time most of the folks who celebrated the Kentucky Oaks last night were prying their bloodshot eyes open and trying to figure out what happened to their pants.
    • The local coverage wasn’t too bad, but I’ve been advised by legal counsel not to comment on the folks NBC sent to Louisville.  What I have to say might be considered a hate crime.
  • It’s been raining off and on all day.  Racing officials have changed the track conditions from “sloppy” to “snorkel”.
    • Looking at the conditions, track veterinarians have decided that the biggest risk to the horses today is trenchfoot.
  • Irish Woman broke out the funny money to teach Boo about odds, win/place/show, and how much it sucks when you take the grocery money to the track.
    • Apparently, it’s a family tradition.  Her uncle, the Jesuit priest, used to take her to Churchill Downs all the time.
  • One of the local news critters says that people at the Derby will consume approximately 60 barrels worth of Woodford Reserve bourbon today.  That’s only slightly more alcohol than the average Army division consumes after it returns from its latest deployment.
  • By 3 PM, I was ready to send Boo to stand out in the rain until he stopped singing “My Old Kentucky Home”.
    • It’s a beautiful song, but I am sick unto death of it.
  • Irish Woman has announced that she wishes to attend the Derby next year.  If I start auctioning off redundant organs now, I’ll only have to take out one additional mortgage to make this happen.
  • The roses for the winner were carried and escorted across the track by Navy folks in their summer whites.
    • Nothing says “military logic” like having a bunch of folks walk across a muddy, nasty horse track in clothing that has to be perfectly white in order to be worn.
  • The Irish gentleman who is here with Mendelssohn is looking around as if he were thinking “Look at all those drunk bastards!”.  That says a lot.
  • The horses and jockeys looked so clean when they left the paddock, but that didn’t last long.
    • If Audible can get in on this, Tide should be able to really get their advertising hooks even deeper.
  • We decided to get a treat for dinner from Claudia Sanders tonight.  I have never been so loved as when I ran the feline gauntlet between the truck and the house.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  May 5, 2018

    In a rare fit of sanity, the Navy uniform board authorized wearing the summer short sleeved white shirt shirt with black (Navy Blue) uniform pants. The salt & pepper uniform was the perfect alternative to the ice cream salesman suit, and we sailors loved it.
    Of course they took the option away and went with white pants.
    Were mint juleps served with dinner?


    • Irish Woman prefers her bourbon with Coca Cola, and juleps are too sweet for me, even if I wasn’t on call.


  2. OldNFO

     /  May 6, 2018

    Snerk… “sloppy” to “snorkel”


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