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The War – Episode 29

March 1, 10:07 AM Mountain
Phoenix, Arizona

The following is an excerpt of a phone conversation recorded at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.

//Sound of phone being answered.//

Deputy Melvin Brooks – Deputy Brooks.  How may I help you?

Voice #1 – Is this the Sheriff? (Analyst Note – Voice #1 is male, speaking fluent English with a slight accent suggestive of a native Spanish speaker)

Brooks – I’m one of her deputies, sir. What can I do for you?

Voice #1 – I want to talk to someone about my nephew.

Brooks – You can talk to me, sir. May I ask who’s calling?

Voice #1 – I don’t want to say.

Brooks – That’s all right, sir. What do you want to tell me?

Voice #1 – He just came over the border a few weeks ago. His mother sent him up here to keep him out of trouble, and he’s staying with my sister.

Brooks – Yes?

Voice #1 – He’s not a bad guy, just gets into trouble.

Brooks – We all have a few of those, sir. What’s your nephew’s name?

Voice #1 – Jorge, Jorge Diaz.

Brooks – What is it about Jorge that you want to tell me?

Voice #1 – I heard him on the computer last night. He was talking to someone about December.

Brooks – What about December?

Voice #1 – He was talking about Tucson, the attacks.

Brooks – I see.

Voice #1 – Jorge just got out of prison back home, and he’s been acting weird since he got here.

Brooks – Weird?

Voice #1 – He won’t eat my sister’s cooking, talks with people on the phone and the computer all the time, and gets angry at the TV when we watch the news.

Brooks – All right. Who was he talking to last night?

Voice #1 – I don’t know. They were speaking Spanish, but the other guy wasn’t from Mexico.

Brooks – How so?

Voice #1 – He talked weird, and kept saying some gibberish. Jorge would say it back to him, though.

Brooks – What did you hear them say about Tucson?

Voice #1 – They were saying that it was a good start, but that the next one would be bigger.

Brooks – Next one?

Voice #1 – That’s why I called you guys. I don’t know what’s going on, but Jorge’s into something bad, and I’ve seen the billboards. Is there a reward for this kind of thing?

Brooks – Maybe. Depends on what we find out when we talk to Jorge. Where is he right now?

Voice #1 – He’s at my sister’s house. Been there all weekend. Never goes out. Just sits there all day watching movies and playing on the computer.

Brooks – What’s her address? We can have someone stop by to talk to him.

Voice #1 – Hold on.

//Pause of several seconds. Sound of muffled voices speaking//

Voice #1 – She’s at 12751 Avenida Escuela in Scottsdale. Apartment 3c.

Brooks – What’s your sister’s name?

Voice #1 – Anna Maria. She’s not there now.

Brooks – Diaz?

Voice #1 – Uh, yeah, Anna Maria Diaz.

Brooks – Sir, I’m going to take a few people over to talk to your nephew and see what we can find out.

Voice #1 – He won’t find out it was me who called, right? We don’t want any trouble.

Brooks – Sir, we won’t tell him how we know about him. Do you know if he has any weapons? Maybe your sister keeps a gun for protection?

Voice #1 – She does, but she has it with her right now. I don’t know if he has a gun or anything.

Brooks – What was he in prison for in Mexico?

Voice #1 – Drugs, what else? Listen, he’s there alone right now. You take care of this. I have to go.

//Sound of call terminating//


Other episodes can be found here.  The rest of the story can be found in Escort Duty, available now at Amazon.

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  1. Another good one! 🙂 Enjoyed the whole book!!!

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