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  • It occurs to me that Kentucky Derby horses need names more appropriate to the event:
    • Infield Indiscretion
    • Floppy Hat
    • Julep Jezebel
    • Nuclear Sunburn
    • Cheap Bourbon Hangover
  • Girlie Bear went with her JROTC group on Friday night to help clean up from the Kentucky Oaks.  Last year she had to tell several adults that the taped-up two-liters they were picking up in the parking lot were probably from meth labs and they really ought to leave them alone.  This year, she picked up a beer can in the parking lot and noticed that it had four or five used hypodermic needles in it.  Good times, good times.
  • It is not a good idea to skip lunch when you’re smoking a turkey near an open window.
  • The garden is pretty much in the ground.  Now to fight off the advance of nature in its never-ending quest to strangle anything I put in the ground.


  1. jon spencer

     /  May 8, 2016

    At least someone put the needles in a “almost a sharps container”. Better than leaving the needles on the ground.


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