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  • You put the range hood in, you take the range hood out, you put the range hood in and you shake it all about.
  • A tile saw was one of the better investments I’ve ever made.
  • Girlie Bear got the scare of a lifetime when she tried to do a load of laundry after work tonight.  We had all just settled in for the night, and she remembered that she needed to do a load of laundry.  At midnight.  Unfortunately for her, the normal route of going through the kitchen to get to the basement is a no-go due to the new tile floor still setting up.  So she went out the creaky side door, laundry bag in hand, and went in the creaky back door.  At that point, she jumped out of her ever loving skin when her father came roaring into the kitchen, bellowing, “Who the @#$!@#$ is coming into my house!”  Luckily for everyone, I recognized her scream.
    • As I write this, I’m having an adult beverage and waiting for my blood pressure to come back down to normal.
  • Hopefully tonight is the last night we have to light the signal fires and stoke the furnaces in the garden to protect the fruit trees from climate change.
  • I need to find the nice lady at the home improvement store and tell her that she was incorrect when she told me that marriage counselors could be found in Aisle 12.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  April 10, 2016

    After the first cut, a raincoat became the perfect tile saw accessory.
    My wife has gained enough experience/skills in the last thirty five years with me that I don’t want to partner with anyone else. (or nobody else will tolerate working with me. Hmmm)


  2. BTW, next January, pickup a BUNCH of those “old style” (non-LED) strings of christmas lights on clearance, and when you need to keep your trees warm drape them in the trees. Might not completely eliminate the need for the grill/fires, but it’ll reduce it.


  3. Girlie Bear

     /  April 10, 2016

    Can I write my version of this turn of events?


  4. Good to know that you have sufficient security at your house.


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