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  • I can speak and read several languages.  “Drywall” is not one of them.
  • I think my biggest mistake is doing a half-ways decent job at most of the little ‘projects’ that my loving wife finds to fill my spare time.  She seems to take this as a hint to find something else for me to do, just a little more complicated and expensive.
  • We better get this project done soon, because Irish Woman is getting tired of hearing me hum Dire Straits.
  • Just when I thought I couldn’t get more irritated with vendors, I try to provide input to an ‘automatic’ tool to compare my systems against an industry standard.
    • “Provide your preferred level of firmware for each of the models you own in this format:  The first octet of the firmware level, the last four numbers of your great-aunt’s driver’s license number, a comma, a cryptic Cyrillic letter, and the blood type of a random stranger.”
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  1. How DARE you try to perform a comparison… You know that isn’t permitted… Sigh…Quickest way ‘I’ found to get a comparison was to call the competitor, then call the vendor… 😀


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