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  • Today was a good day.  I slept in, had a wonderful homemade breakfast, drank beer, watched football, ate chili with good friends, and showed someone how to field strip and reassemble an AR-15.
  • You know how when you finish a drive at night and relax when you get to the end of your driveway?  Yeah, that feeling disappeared when Moonshine decided to go for a jog in the pitch dark.
    • Nothing like trying to find a black dog on a dark street.
  • We relented to the “No Video Games” rule for Boo this weekend and let him play Wii for about an hour.  I played a bit too, and I discovered something that surprised me.  I put a “Call of Duty” game in after he went to bed, and played for a while.  It bored me.  Like “Eh, let’s play Sports Resort and pop balloons from a bi-plane” bored.
  • There are few things cuter and more appealing than an 8 week old Golden Retriever.
    • I had to give the rest of the family “The Look” when we snuggled the puppy.  We are officially full.
    • Yes, Boo got a pat down before getting into the car.  Why do you ask?
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  1. Glenn555

     /  January 2, 2016

    You are right on the cuteness. Sooooo wrong on the pat down! Lighten up in he new year and go with the flow! 2 to 3 weeks of “land mines” in the morning will keep you trim/vigilant in these troubled tomes.
    Happy New Year BTW.


  2. My figure has been zero since they took in a ton of money after 9/11. Same with the United Way. I’m happy to help the needy, and do. I just can’t get my stomach to settle down when putting $ in the Red Cross/ United Way trough after reading about the malfeasance of both.


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