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Gun Data for the Day – Wrap Up

Well, it’s been fun, but now it’s crunch time.  Hopefully the last 50 or so days have shown what a wealth of information there is about guns and weapons on the Internet, and how useful it is.  I also hope it convinces you all that this is a resource that will be gone if the State Department gets is way on ITAR.  I hope it convinces you to learn about what Washington wants to do and make your voice heard.   The comment window closes on August 3, so this will be your final reminder to tell State to keep their hands off our First and Second Amendment-guaranteed rights.

Yes, the new rule is probably going to be stillborn, but just as we did with the XM855 kerfluffle, we need to jerk Washington’s leash and remind them which end they’re attached to.  Even if you think they’ve gotten the message, it never hurts to pile on.

And remember, if they can ban one kind of speech, they will find a way to ban any other kind of speech they find inconvenient.  Make your voice heard, and help keep our voices free.

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  1. Excellent point, and thanks for the gun info! Learned a few things there!!!

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