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Driving Lesson Topics

Well, Girlie Bear is learning to drive and I’m learning to cope.

Here are a few of the topics we covered during our driving lesson tonight:

  • The existential differences between forward and backward motion
  • Braking and other ways to adjust your father’s spine without the expense of a visit to a chiropractor
  • Field first aid for whiplash and other spinal issues
  • Early warning signs of myocardial infarction in a middle-aged man of Scandinavian descent
  • Cause and Effect – What happens when you hit the accelerator instead of the brake
  • Use of peripheral vision to check mirrors instead of craning your neck across the passenger seat
  • Use of the command voice
  • Paranoia – Is it really necessary to stop at each and every intersection, regardless of the lack of a stop sign?

2 hours of driving practice down, 58 hours to go.


  1. When I taught HH to drive(yes our romance survived even this) we had one time on an undeveloped commercial road that she started ever so carefully and purposefully driving down the LEFT side of it.

    I managed to ask in an actually calm voice if we were in England which led to a correction. Just remember that 1)It’s not hard to learn to drive a manual transmission provided you aren’t trying to learn to drive at the same time(funny story on that from my learning). 2)The learning curve at this age will be thankfully steep.


    • I wish our last standard transmission car hadn’t gotten wrecked. I really wanted Girlie Bear to learn that skill.


  2. Looks like this is a good day to buy stock in bourbon.


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