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Gun Data for the Day – Day 34

I’m a little mind fried after driving across Alabama the long way, so I’m going to throw a curveball out there – the GyroJet.

Also, please remember why I’m doing this, and drop the State Department a comment.  The comment period is still open.


Weight 0.88 lb (0.40 kg)
Length 10.88 inches (27.6 centimetres)
Barrel length 5 inches (13 centimetres)

Cartridge Mark I- 13 mm rocket
Mark II- 12 mm rocket
Caliber Mark I- .51 caliber
Mark II- .49 caliber
Action Blow-Forward
Rate of fire 60 RPM
Select Fire (Assault Rifle variant)
Muzzle velocity very low, but increasing over trajectory to about 1250fps
Effective firing range 55 yards (50 m)
Feed system 6-round internal box magazine (Main Variants)
Sights Iron sights
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