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NRAAM 2015 Initial thoughts

  • NRA is estimating that 70,000 people will attend this year.  I’m pretty sure that’s a low estimate.  Friday is normally the slowest day, and the exhibit hall is packed.
  • The Glock 43 feels slightly bigger than Irish Woman’s Kimber Solo, but weights a lot less.  I’d definitely have to shoot one before passing judgement.
  • Looking at the slate of politicians scheduled to speak, and interestingly, I’m not seeing Rand Paul.  If he doesn’t speak this year, I’m hoping he does next year in Louisville.  I’m not exactly a single issue voter, but being nebulous about gun rights is not going to move me to vote for you.
  • Is it a bad thing when a major gun company doesn’t have any guns to display in their booth and have prominent signs explaining that the reason is that the freight company lost them?
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  1. Yep, I’m still trying to figure out who’s speaking and who’s not…

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