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  • I started writing an uber-post about the Sad Puppies controversy, but like most things, others have said what I want to say and said it better.
    • Let me say this:  I would rather be entertained than be knocked over the head with the message an author wants to convey.
    • Also, word-smithing and being clever are secondary to telling an engaging and entertaining story.
    • I read what I enjoy, write what I enjoy, and watch what I enjoy.  I used to play what I enjoy, but to be honest, I haven’t pulled my bag of dice or the controller to the game system out of the closet in years.  Everything that I don’t enjoy gets discarded and forgotten. This is all regardless of the politics and demographics of the creator.
    • Example:  2001, A Space Odyssey, is at least 50% literary and cinematic navel gazing.  It was good for a single read of the book and a couple viewings.  2010, the sequel, on the other hand, is one of my favorite movies, mainly because it doesn’t descend into an esoteric exploration of the author’s third eye.
  • When the tire on a garden cart has a catastrophic failure due to dry rot and over-inflation, it sounds a lot like a shotgun.  Also, Girlie Bear can scream as if she were shot when that happens.
  • Beaver droppings are full of sawdust.  If you think about it, that makes sense.  It just never occurred to me before I saw it.
  • Irish Woman has started watching a television show about people hunting alligators.  It would appear that the .22 Magnum is the caliber of choice for large reptiles, but the .223 Remington and .45 Colt seem to get the job done quite well.
  • It’s a lot more fun to acquire, haul, and stack a couple ricks of firewood in April than it is in July.
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  1. KurtP

     /  April 6, 2015

    “Choot-em Elizebet!”

    Or are you watching the new one where she’s with her husband instead of Troy?


  2. As the son of two history teachers, I am amused by the effort the Intellectual Class puts into trying to pick the Great Books in any age. Sometimes they are right, but far more often they deride as trash the books that are loved and passed from generation to generation.

    The Intellectuals HATED Kipling, though they had far las control over the Literary World then that they have lately. Nobody cares. I doubt that any Intellectuals spoke kindly of Tarzan circa 1914. I don’t know what they championed, but I suspect that it has been largely forgotten; I notice that is the publication year of a D. H. Lawrence collection that I’ve never ever heard of.

    History will judge, and it will judge by preserving the stories people olive and read over and over. Everything else is a footnote.


    • LIke I said, what I enjoy is what I enjoy, and the arbiters of what is and what is not acceptable fun and art can go jump in a lake.


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