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Blogs Roundup

  • Captain Tightpants points us to a group that is working to reduce the number of veterans who commit suicide.  22 is 22 too many.  He points us to a fundraiser raffle, and I encourage everyone to help out if they can.
  • Bart Barrett reminds us that some things ought to be done by experts.  Maybe I’m just a cold bastard, but the psychological comfort of the mother is pretty far down on my list of things to consider during childbirth when stacked up against the safety of both mother and baby.
  • Uncle Jay made me groan in pain and giggle at the same time.
  • The Survival Doctor has some good advice for cold weather injuries.
  • Brigid gives us a rundown on sports.  I have to disagree with her on one point.  One of the best dates I ever had as a young man involved a broken snow-mobile, a young lady, and a hand-dug snow cave.
  • Heroditus Huxley hits the mark on this one.  People tend to like having peace officers as part of their community and circle of friends.  They resent law enforcement occupying their community and harassing their friends.
  • Mr. Homegrown gives us the perspective of an experienced beekeeper on a hive design that’s been making the rounds of social media.  It’s like a lot of the things I see for firearms and camping: Yeah, it’s kind of neat, but is it really necessary, and is it a good idea?
  • Kathy Jackson asks a hard question:  Is it better to require training before getting a carry license than not to?  I’m of two minds.  You shouldn’t need a piece of paper that says you’re qualified to exercise a right in the first place, and Kathy makes a good point that having that training certificate can make some feel that they’re good to go.  On the other hand, at least in Kentucky, most of the training was about legal use of force and where you can and can’t legally carry.  At least, when somebody messes up, they can’t say “I was never told!”.  Either way, the concealed carry class shouldn’t be the first firearms related class you take, and damn sure shouldn’t be the last.
  • JayG reminds me why I hate flying.  Seriously, my “It’s close enough to drive” range is starting to look like most of the central United States and parts of Canada.
  • Ambulance Driver lays it out for all of us to see, and gives us a story that every parent and every teenager ought to know.
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  1. All good ones, thanks!

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