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Coming Soon

Here are the movies that were previewed before the feature tonight:

  • The Wedding Ringer – A cool dude makes his living standing in as best man for guys who don’t have a friend to do it for them.  He keeps it professional, that is until he meets the loser who touches his heart.  Failure to Launch meets The Wedding Singer.  Pass.
  • Furious 7 – Vin Diesel tries to beat this particular dead horse just one more time, complete with Jason Statham playing Jason Statham.  Pass.
  • Insurgent – A sequel to a movie that I didn’t see, but if a plucky teenage insurgency can work for Jennifer Lawrence, why not try it again?  Girlie Bear might like this one.
  • Danny Collins – A washed-up rocker, who is now on his (n+1)th retirement tour, gets a letter that John Lennon wrote to him 30+ years ago, and decides to write another song or three.  While he’s at it, he tries to reconnect with his long-lost son and try to seduce win the heart of the manager of his hotel.  I’m sure there’s a final act of forgiveness brought on by the heart-felt music that gushes out of his newly found connection to the real world.  Pass.
  • Focus – Will Smith plays a con-man who takes on an apprentice, who happens to be a curvaceous woman.  Together, they seem to get themselves into a bit of a pickle by messing with those with whom one should not mess, but I’m sure everything works itself out in the end, and they ride off into the sunset together.  Pass.
  • Jupiter Ascending – The Wachowski Brothers make their homage to 1980’s Flash Gordon, in that a heretofore unknown universal empire is going to destroy the world, but a plucky Earthling and her allies do their best to thwart it.  I didn’t hear any Freddie Mercury vocals in the preview, but this might be watchable.  The effects and cinematography look beautiful.  I might give this one a matinee.  One word to the Wachowski’s, though: I know at least 75% of your plot from the trailer.  That other 25% better be awesome, or I’m going to be disappointed.


  1. And the Warner Wachowski sister!


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